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    Our LA Roof Cleaning crew specializes in cleaning roofs for households and businesses all across Los Angeles. Roof cleaning is a fast and cost-effective way to increase the value and appeal of your house. Working at height is something we are properly qualified and insured to do. We work on a variety of roof types and will use the best roof cleaning method for your roof from asphalt shingles, to tiles, metal roofs, and more.

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    Our Roof washers are primarily concerned with eliminating three types of growth from roofs: algae, bacteria, and lichen. The black streaks that occasionally appear on rooftops are caused by a form of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, not pollution or smog. To effectively eradicate these growths while avoiding damage to your roof, specific cleaning techniques are usually required.  Unlike bacteria or algae, soil is relatively easy to remove from the roof, but it should still be done by a professional to avoid causing damage to your roof. Look for "roof cleaning near me" in your browser and give us a call!

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    The Cleanest Roofs in Los Angeles

    Some people believe that they can pressure wash their roof on their own, but often this is not a good idea. While your roof may appear clean afterward, utilizing a power washer will actually damage the roof.

    Rather than using force to remove lichen, bacteria, or algae, roof cleaning professionals will use a soft pressure washing method and a special solution designed to kill any bacteria, lichen, or algae. Soft roof washing can not only protect your roof from damage but will also help avoid any growth from reappearing.

    LA Roof Cleaning Techs clean many roofs in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, both residential and commercial. Give us a call now to get a free quote. We are excited to clean your roof!

    Benefits of Roof Washing

    Roof cleaning is vital not only for keeping your property looking great but also for keeping your house safe. Cleaning your roof on a regular basis can help prevent bacteria, lichen, and algae from growing on it. If left untreated, these sorts of growth can weaken your roofs, resulting in decay, water damage, and other issues. Cleaning your roof will keep mold from growing and spreading throughout your home.

    Roof cleaning is not only less expensive than replacement, but it also saves you money in other areas. A clean roof reflects the sun more effectively, resulting in lower energy expenses during the hot summer months. Maintaining your roof in great shape also means you won't have to worry about losing your homeowner's insurance. Routine roof cleaning will also help to maintain your property's value high if you ever intend on moving or selling your home. Call us today for a free estimate on getting your roof professionally cleaned by our expert techs!

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    We provide expert roof cleaning services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, including Glendale, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Burbank, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Malibu, Long Beach, Rolling Hills, Monterey Park, San Marino, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale, Torrance, Pomona, El Monte, Downey, West Covina, Montebello, Arcadia, Whittier, Bell Gardens, El Segundo, Lakewood, Santa Fe Springs, Culver City, Norwalk, and Baldwin Park. We also move pool tables in the beach cities of Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach.